Locksmith in Pickering

From experience, reviews I read online, and the praises going around about their services, you could never go wrong. A lock technician should be able to attend to your problems once they are on site. Therefore, you must hire a professional with years of experience up their sleeves. Last week, I called in for a re-key service in my home. As the professionals did their job, we got to talk, and I learned a lot from them. These include the type of services they offer.

When do you need a locksmith in Pickering, ON?

Whenever you are facing a lockout, a lost key situation or a broken key in the lock, then you will most definitely require the services of a professional locks expert. If you need a security system installed in your home, a new lock or a lock repair in your home or office, then a professional will come in handy. For a re-key, master-key or access control system installation, consult with us. Whether it is issues with the panic bars, the old model locks, car key replacement or programming, we will help you out.

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Our services

After contacting the company for help with my re-key service, I got to learn about the scope of services they offer. Ranging from the simple key replacement to complex functions, whenever you call them in for a service, I assure you will not be disappointed. Among the services they offer:

Lock installation

Whenever you damage the locks on your doors, the damage may be repairable or not. According to the experts, they have to assess the extent of the damage to know whether to install new locks or repair the old ones. Replacing the locks is more expensive than repairing them, but it assures you of 100% security. Compared to repairs that have a chance of failure, despite being cheaper, a lock change is often recommended if you can afford it. However, you do not need to rule out the possibility of repair. With Locksmith On Demand, you can repair a lock and still use it safely. Based on the level of experience the experts have, you can be sure that they know their way around locks.

Residential re-key service

A rekeying service involves the reconfiguration of your lock pins and springs to obtain a new arrangement. With the new configuration, you will need a new key to operate the locks. More often than not, it happens when you move to a new home or office, or after a break-in. When you decide to rekey your locks, you get better key control as you can quickly invalidate your old keys and give the new function keys to the people you want. Additionally, it is much cheaper to re-key a lock rather than replace the whole lock.

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Lock repairs and replacement

Sometimes, despite your effort to keep your locks functional, they may fail you. I, for instance, had a hard time locking my door. On consulting with an expert, I learned that my locks might have been too old or broken to fix. When I asked what I should do, they told me they could couple the car key repairs with a lock change for my doors. When locks are too old, their security levels tend to drop. Therefore, you might need the services of a professional locksmith to help with the lock change. Call us today, and you will not be disappointed in the quality of services you will receive. The lock change service is not only affordable but also fast and reliable.

Why choose us

They responded in a concise time. You would expect that I had to wait for at least 30 minutes to have a locksmith arrive at my location. However, regarding the broken key and damaged locks, they came in less than 10 minutes. I even thought they were in the neighborhood waiting for a call. However, they told me that they are from another location. Since they have fully equipped mobile units, they were able to get to my site in such a short time. When you call in for help, you are sure you will not be disappointed. Besides the quality services and affordable prices, you stand to get the best locks.