Commercial Access Control System

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Commercial Access Control System Toronto

The security of your commercial property should be a high concern.

A business that has reliable security measures not only attracts investors but also gives the owner peace of mind.

Commercial access control system limits movement into and out of a premise to only authorized personnel.

We install access control systems, Buzzer systems in a wide range of facilities ranging from airports, corporate offices, military buildings, jails to hospitals among others.

Commercial Access Control System Installation in Toronto.

Upgrade the security system of your premises through the commercial access control system installation in Toronto.

This installation will deny access to burglars who steal essential data and valuable properties from business premises.

It gives a business owner the power to even control the location of employees at a given time and place.

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The type and size of access control that you choose depend on the size of your business premise and the level of security that you desire.

For big businesses, you can have commercial access control system installation in Greater Toronto that you may integrate for convenience.

Biometric system access control

A biometric system is computer generated binary code that identifies individuals by their unique features such as the face, fingerprint, voice, iris and palm veins among others.

Biometric access control systems have several merits for a business premise.

For instance, time and attendance, IT department security, inventory control, preventing unauthorized startup of electrical machinery and facility access control for added protection.

Why Choose Biometric Access Control Systems

The significant advantage of using biometric credentials is that you cannot compromise them, an individual cannot claim to forget his/hers and unauthorized personnel cannot borrow from the authorized one.

The more biometric credentials you require an individual to gain access to the higher the security.

It is convenient for the authorized personnel because they do not have to carry badges or any identification;

it is merely hands-free access.

Our biometric systems and commercial door strike are economical to install and maintain.

Additionally, we have a team of a highly skilled workforce that fixes them for you at your point of reference ensuring customer satisfaction.

Doorbell access control System

We have options for our clients to choose from ranging from;

smart video doorbells, traditional doorbells, Wi-Fi video doorbells, wired doorbells to wireless doorbells.

Some allow you to see, hear and speak to anyone requesting access to your business setting.

For anyone to gain access to your business, they must first push the button then your security personnel will verify whether or not they can be let in.

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Commercial Access Control System installation Toronro

It is of great importance to your business reason being no one can access it without your consent.

Our doorbells are of high quality, durable and reliable.

Our locksmiths have gained an excellent reputation over the years for complete installations of doorbells to our commercial clients who appreciate the added security.

Proximity access control systems

The use of proximity cards to control access at certain points in a business, at a specific time for only authorized personnel.

The employees insert the card reader at every entry and exit point of the location.

You can use the proximity cards to check attendance of employees, time of entry and exit in the business premise.

The card can be set to grant access at specific times of the day;

therefore record any trial to access the location in pre-authorized hours of the day or night.

More than one card can be used in a networked system, and the tags used interchangeably.

In the event of power failure, the system retains the properties downloaded on it and can still operate as the access control system.

Hire our commercial locksmith in Toronto access control system installation.

We are affordable, quick to respond, reliable and customer friendly.

Commercial Access control system repair

Inspection, repair, replacement, and maintenance of your access control regularly to ensure the smooth running of your business and avoid significant interruptions.

Regular maintenance ensures the longevity of the access control system and rare system failures.

Access Control System
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If your system fails, do not compromise your business security, contact us immediately.

Our locksmiths will identify the problem and use the appropriate tools to replace or repair if it is a minor issue.

We repair, replace and maintain not only systems we have installed but also systems installed by other companies both at affordable rates.