Commercial Buzzer System in Toronto

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Commercial Buzzer Systems

Door buzzer systems are an added security measure to the already existing security.

We install commercial buzzer systems in premises mostly together with other applications that enable visualization and talking to the person that wants access to your business.

For instance commercial electric strike intercom HD displays and a mobile app that your security personnel can use.

Door buzzers ensure peace of mind for you, security for your employees, property, clients and keeps away burglars and invaders.

Enhanced Security With Commercial Buzzer Systems

Commercial buzzer installation can also be of great use in businesses such as medical, psychiatric clinics and administrative offices where customer flow regulation and privacy needs maintaining.

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This ensures clients’ privacy and other clients can peacefully and patiently wait for their turn in the waiting room.

Commercial buzzers are simple, convenient to use and save time because you do not need to physically lock and unlock the door to either grant or deny access.

Our buzzers are genuine, reliable and we can install them with other applications that complement its function at an affordable price.

Our commercial locksmiths are well trained, customer-friendly, highly skilled, reliable, quick to respond once you contact us and ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need A commercial buzzer system in Toronto

A business that has a reliable, modern security system also attracts investors because it assures them of their money and profits.

Commercial Buzzer system installation is advantageous especially for companies that run throughout the night;

the employees can see the person that wants to access your business before allowing them.

Commercial Buzzer System in Toronto
Lock & Buzzer repair in GTA

Buzzers will profoundly reduce the risk of shoplifting, armed robbery or any other activity that can lead to loss of property, money, and harm to your employees and other clients.

Buzzer system installation

Depending on the features that you want and are appropriate for your business, we have a variety of commercial buzzer systems from wireless to wired that you can select.

Access Control System
door keypad for access control

Regardless of the system you choose, our buzzers give you peace of mind assuring you of your property, employees and clients’ safety.

Once you contact us, our experienced professionals will visit your business, explore with you the different options available, and then allow you to choose one that suits your personal needs and preferences.

They can give you an illustration of how the buzzer works and how to use it effectively.

Our locksmiths outline for our clients the requirements they need and quote a price for the buzzer system installation.

Commercial Buzzer system repair

We are the best locksmith in Toronto for hi-security systems and buzzer system repair in Toronto to both commercial clients that we hired us during buzzer installations and those that hired alternative companies for their installations.

The buzzer system needs regular maintenance for its durability and effective functioning.

Our highly skilled locksmiths have gained experience over the years of working with a variety of buzzers.

Therefore, they will notify you of any fault in your buzzer before it abruptly fails.

Commercial Buzzer System toronto
Security system – intercom on building with keypad and lock

In case you experience a malfunction with your buzzer, we got you covered.

Our locksmiths will examine the situation and provide the best solution that will completely solve your problem.

If the problem is repairable, they use the best equipment to repair the buzzer system.

When the damage is beyond repair, and you have to replace part or the entire buzzer system we also let you know.


Why Choose Us for Buzzer System Installation.

A door buzzer assembly has two parts; a doorbell unit for pressing and a chime unit that has an inbuilt transfer.

The chime unit installation was done at a location preferably near the door that is reachable in case of repair.

They mark the position fit for the doorbell switch on the wall.

They hold the buzzer to the wall to identify and label the buzzer’s screw holes points.

It is advisable to have the buzzer installation at a height similar to the doorknob’s height.

Our locksmiths use the power drill to make holes on the hole on the positions that marked on the wall.

The buzzer is then attached to the wall securely and tightened by screwdrivers.

The process is completed by fixing the wires in the doorbell and the chime unit for the wired buzzers.