Commercial Deadbolt in Toronto

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Top Security With Commercial deadbolt Repair in Toronto

Install commercial deadbolt in your commercial door for added security and privacy.

We install, repair and maintain commercial deadbolts for business clients at an affordable rate.

Our locksmiths are always available for our clients anytime including weekends, holidays and off business hours.

Installation of a deadbolt ensures unlocking of the door is only possible by the key when the key cylinder moves from the outside or by a knob from the inside.

This is mainly because of the presence of the extra secure bolt in the deadbolt that can only move under those two circumstances hence preventing burglary access.

We use the heavy-duty strike plates fastened with extra-long screws to ensure that no one can tamper with them easily.

Our locksmiths are well trained and install reliable and robust deadbolts for business premises in the region.

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Commercial doorknob

Commercial deadbolt installation

Install commercial deadbolt installations at every exit of your commercial premise to prevent loss of property and burglary attacks.

Commercial deadbolts ensure peace of mind because you are confident that thieves cannot get past your door.

Therefore, your property is safe. For a robber to get through your business, it will require a lot of physical force and damage that will make noise and therefore attract the attention of the public.

Professional locksmiths from Locksmith on Demand have all the necessary tools and equipment for the installation of high-security deadbolts that deter criminals.

Our locksmiths drill a hole through the door and the edge of the door for the deadbolt.

During the fitting of the deadbolt in the hole, mortise the area around the face place using a wood chisel.

After digging pilot holes, our locksmiths secure the bolt to the door.

They finish with the tightening of the lock by the screws.

Heavy-duty cylinder commercial deadbolt

It can either be a single or double heavy-duty cylinder deadbolt.

The double one requires a key inside which can be of significant use as a safety hazard in case of a fire.

They are comfortable and convenient to use because they easily open and when they lock, it locks securely and firmly.

Locksmith on Demand provides a wide range of designs and sizes for the commercial deadbolts.

The double deadbolts are a bit pricey than the single one.

The single one operates with a key from the outside, and a thumb turns from the inside.

It maintains security in your commercial setting;

one does not have to have access a key to exit the premise, during an emergency it is convenient, simple and faster for people to exit the door because it does not need a key to unlock.

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Hand Locking a Dead Bolt (Deadbolt) with a Key

Bi-lock deadbolt Repair.

Bi locks are among the best commercial deadbolts because they are bump proof and very resistant to picking.

It has anti-drill protection that makes it difficult for burglars to go through.

You are sure that you are the only one that has the keys because only authorized dealers, hence easier access control.

It has a unique quick-change core that you can re-key in case you suspect someone else has a duplicate of the keys.

It is convenient, suits all door sizes, and is very easy and straightforward to install.

Our bi lock deadbolts are durable; we design them to hinder all traditional bypass methods.

Our bi lock deadbolts can either be single or double cylinder pages.

They are affordable, reliable and guarantee the much needed.

Contact us for the installation, repair, and maintenance of the bi lock deadbolts.

Commercial deadbolt maintenance, repair, and replacement

In case of stuck deadbolts, broken key inside the lock, deadbolts misalignment;

contact us for our effective repair and maintenance services.

Our highly skilled technicians also diagnose your deadbolt for malfunctions and you do not know the exact problem.

Maintain your locks by frequent lubrication to remove dirt and debris that could potentially jam a lock.

External cleaning of the locks also makes a difference to your commercial deadbolt functionality.

Our professional locksmiths have gained experience over the years and can quickly diagnose the problem and effectively fix it.

When the problem is fixable, then our locksmiths repair it saving you on costs.

In case it is beyond repair, they advise you to replace the commercial deadbolt and perhaps upgrade it with a better one with better specifications and designs.