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Controlled Access with A Commercial Electric Strike.

Security for your commercial property should be a priority for the smooth running of your business and to avoid access by unauthorized personnel.

We offer a wide range of high-quality electric strike installation, repair.

Electric strike installation will ensure added security to your business and therefore your peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.

Our commercial electric strike enables you to control access of personnel allowed to your premises.

Why Do You Need a commercial Electric Strike System?

Certainly, a lock latches upon an angled surface that the electric strike creates.

We have extra features like commercial buzzer systems that can we install with the electric strike if our clients request, this aids in knowing when a person leaves or enters a premise because the buzzer sounds.

For your electric strike to properly function and maintain safety, you need installation by a professional locksmith in Toronto.

You do not want faulty electric strikes that lock people on your premises when they want to leave or when there is a blackout.

Our electric strikes are of high quality, reliable, ensure security and available at an unbeatable price.

Moreover, our locksmiths are highly skilled and have gained experience over the years for commercial electric strike installation, repair, and maintenance.

Electric strike installation in Toronto

Electric strikes in the market today are more comfortable and more convenient to install as compared to the traditional heavy-duty electric strikes.

Although both require professional handling and preparation of the doorframe for their proper functioning.

We fit the strikes in interior doors, exterior doors, entrance doors, exit doors or a combination depending on our clients’ liking and preferences.

We have additional features that improve functionality.

Commercial Fail Secure Lock System.

Fail-secure lock that automatically prevents exit and entry into the premise when there is a loss of power supply and secures your property in case of a fire accident.

The fail-safe lock automatically allows exit from a premise and can be very useful in the event of a fire.

We are experts in Commercial electric strike installation in all commercial premises.

We have high-quality reliable strikes but can still install for our clients if they have earlier bought the strike from another company.

Our locksmiths are highly trained and knowledgeable;

through their installation, you will be assured of maximum security on

your premises.

Furthermore, our prices are fair, strikes genuine and reliable, and we ensure customer satisfaction.

Electric strike repair

It should be a significant concern when your electric strike gets unusually hot because it signifies malfunction or damage to your strike and it requires attention.

Commercial doors are mostly in constant use;

people use them for exit and entrance into the premise for long hours without rest.

For this reason, they are continuously powered resulting in overheating at times.

Expert Commercial Electric Strike Replacement

Similarly, the coil pack gets old after use for an extended period;

therefore, it needs replacement when it stops working effectively and overheats.

If you rely on a power supply that has problems to power your electric lock, then the strike is more likely to damage.

A drop in energy results in the solenoid not receiving adequate power supply hence resistance in your coil.

Whenever you experience these issues, contact us.

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The Science Of Commercial locksmith toronto.

Our commercial locksmith in Toronto will examine your lock and locate the underlying problem accurately.

We will then offer advice on whether to replace parts of the electric strikes repair or completely replace the electric strike.

Our services are reliable, affordable and we ensure customer satisfaction by completely solving your problem.

To get a permanent solution for heated electric strikes that are malfunctioned, hire us, and our trustworthy locksmiths will reach your location within a short period.

Electric strike maintenance

For your commercial electric strike to last and serve its purpose for a more extended period, it should undergo proper maintenance from professional locksmiths.

We apply designated grease at pivoting points of the strike;

the intervals of application depend on the frequency of use of the door.

Do not try spray lubricants especially on electronic parts because you will end up damaging them.

We install protective diodes and any other applications that our clients request.

Protective diodes should be very close to the close to protect the electronic locks from peaks.

Our locksmiths are highly experienced and knowledgeable leading to our clients appreciating our services.