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Security is the main backbone of the entire life in the universe.

Most people are stressed every day, worrying about their safety.

However, there is a solution to ensure that their security is at maximum;

these are by use of deadbolts. Deadbolts offer the best security on your premises every time.

A deadbolt lock is a lock bolt that functions by turning the key or doorknob without the use of a spring, and it can’t be easily battered.

Deadbolts are the best as they resist any forced entry into your premises.

Deadbolts are the safest when it comes to the security of your home because you can never open them without their specific key.

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Although deadbolt locks are built tough and durable, there come times when they malfunction and require maintenance and repairs.

Anyone can offer deadbolt repair services, but not everyone can complete the task effectively.

We understand that a lock, regardless of its potential, will only remain strong with the proper maintenance and also repair if there need be.

Our professionals provide the best maintenance and repair services when it comes to deadbolts, we have formed a quality reputation by providing outstanding deadbolt services in Toronto.

Our commercial and residential clients trust us to provide exceptional deadbolt repair services.


We do understand that when you need deadbolt installation, repair, or replacement, you need it quickly.

That’s why our deadbolt services are available 24 hours a day, regardless of whether it is on weekends or holidays.

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Our technicians always carry with them a fully equipped toolbox so as to tend to any emergency in the shortest time possible.

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Hand Locking a Dead Bolt (Deadbolt) with a Key


There are a lot of benefits that come with the installation of deadbolt locks on any premises.

Deadbolt locks are made up of tough steel and are installed inside the door locking mechanism with reinforcements upon the security of the lock.

Deadlocks can only be opened with its corresponding key, making it the best choice of lock for all residential and commercial properties.

Deadbolt locks powerful locking mechanism protects any premises against ease of entry and is only opened with the use of its corresponding key.

If you are in need of maximum security and the safeguarding of your family and valuables, you should consider the installation of deadbolt locks.


Deadbolts come in a wide range. We have a variety of deadbolt locks.

Here are the different kinds of deadbolt locks we have;

  • Single-cylinder deadbolts; these are the most common. They feature key access from the exterior of the cylinder and a thumbscrew on the inside
  • Double cylinder deadbolts; there are similar to the single ones although hey feature key access on both the inside and outside for extra security.
  • Hybrid deadbolts; they have a double cylinder with thumbscrew. They have cylinder access on both sides of the lock and also have a lockable thumbscrew on its inside.

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