Doorknob Repair in Toronto

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Professional Doorknob Repair in Toronto

Do you wonder how the door opens and closes so effortlessly by just the turn of its knob?

The weight of the door becomes insignificant when you have quality doorknobs.

Doorknob installations, replacement, doorknob repair in Toronto are important practices for smooth operations on your door.

Due to normal wear and tear, a doorknob may malfunction.

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When this happens, it is the right time to call an expert locksmith in Toronto, for doorknob repair.

Regular doorknob maintenance checks and repairs are crucial to avoid unpredicted inconvenience on your door.

When you come a close a problem on your doorknob, don’t wait until it is too late.

Just call Locksmith on Demand, and we will restore your doorknob to its original condition.

Doorknob Parts

Each type of doorknob is manufactured differently, but let’s have a look at the different components of a typical doorknob that is usually used in homes and light commercial premises.

Understanding the different parts that work together to make your doorknob functional can help you fix minor doorknob problems on your own.

Doorknobs consist of two handles, one on each side of the door, either locking or non-locking.

A locking doorknob consists of a locking mechanism on the interior handle and also a keyhole on the exterior.

When it comes to non-locking doorknobs, the exterior and interior handles are smooth and do not have a locking mechanism.

The doorknob hardware consists of screws and other metal components that help hold the doorknob on the door.


When to call for Doorknob Repair

Due to unavoidable wear and tear on your doorknob, there comes a time when you need your doorknob to be repaired or replaced.

Many homeowners don’t know the appropriate time to call a locksmith for their doorknobs until it is too late to perform any repairs, AND the only option left is a replacement.

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When you notice that your doorknob operates less efficient than it used to, then that is the right time to contact us for a checkup.

Also, when you happen to hear mechanical operations of your doorknob as you turn the doorknob to open or close your door, then that is another sign that your doorknob needs repair and maintenance.

When any of these happens to your doorknob, don’t hesitate to contact Locksmith on Demand for doorknob repair in Toronto.

How To Fix a Broken Doorknob.

Doorknob repair, maintenance, and replacement is not a complicated task to perform on your own.

To be able to perform any of these, you must know that all latch units have universal sizes such that the distances and the size of the hole on the door frame don’t differ.

This is the main rule for any door lock unit. When you are familiar with these, you are I a position of maintaining, repairing or installing a doorknob by yourself or else you can call Locksmith on Demand, and our very friendly technicians will help you through the whole process.

How to Insert the Exterior or Outside Doorknob.

An exterior doorknob has spindles.

Many people don’t know their way about the installation process.

Below we have illustrated the simple process of inserting exterior doorknobs with ease.

From the opposite side of your door insert the half mooned look-alike spindle through the corresponding hole on the latch unit.

The other two spindles are the ones where the screws from the inside knob will be inserted.

Doorknob Repair in Toronto
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However, it is crucial to be very keen at this stage because the knob is not yet fastened, and thus you have to keep holding it into the exact place.

If you experience any difficulties during this process, just give us a call, and we will use any way we can to help you through the whole process.

Inserting the Exterior or Outside Doorknob

A doorknob as a unit should fit perfectly on any side.

To install an interior doorknob, first, you have to make sure the interior doorknob slides perfectly over the other two spindles on the exterior doorknob.

This makes it easy for the screw holes to align perfectly.

When that is all done correctly, ensure you fasten the screws to make it easy to turn or engage the bolt for easy opening.

The last step is to fit in the new strike plates and also ensure the latch unit goes over them smoothly.

Contact us for more details on the installation process.