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Hi-security locks in Toronto

In the modern world, with the rise in the crime rate, you ought to be prepared beforehand for any instances of robbery. To do effectively, you will require not only the services of a highly experienced locksmith but also a robust and durable security system. Over the years, we have been at the forefront of providing commercial locksmith service all across the state. We have hi-security systems that will guarantee you safety against break-ins and bumping. Our reputation goes over and beyond a wide variety of products. We have hi-security locks in Toronto for both interior and exterior uses. Whether you need a security lock with an electricity locking mechanism, we have got you covered.

Our products include:

Fingerprint Hi-security locks

Our fingerprint lock is hi-security locks that allow the owner of a property to open them with their fingerprint. In case the print fails to work, there is an allowance to override the lock by use of a pin code. These types of locks are applicable in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Imagine the possibility of you never carrying your keys around anymore. Also, if you find yourself in a tricky situation of always locking yourself out of your home or office, then the fingerprint lock is the best.

Most importantly, it is one of the most secure locking systems. This is because you are the one with the fingerprint. Hence, access control becomes more comfortable.

High security Lock
Door opening with the electronic lock by means of the plastic magnetic card.

Deadbolt lock Installation

Are you worried about the security of your home, office or warehouse? Do you feel the need to upgrade the safety of your premises? Were you recently attacked and need to change the security system around your home? If any of the above is true, then the deadbolt hi-security locks from Locksmith On Demand are the best for you. Made with premium metal and plated keyways, our Hi-security locks in Toronto are what you need.

Additionally, they have robust mechanical and electrical components aimed at making the locks last longer and be stronger than any other product in the market. We combine high quality with impeccable finishing to give you not only secure but elegant hi-security systems. With our highly qualified locksmiths, we go ahead and install the locks for you, thus ensuring a stylish makeover in a matter of a few minutes.

Combination lock

Just like any other combination lock, our locks have a drive pin, fence, wheel notch, spindle, the drive ca and wheel fly, collectively known as the wheel pack. All the components work together to identify the right combination to unlock the lock. With this in mind, Locksmith On Demand adds the feature to prevent break-ins. Under normal circumstances, the correct number of the combination causes a clicking sound when rotated. Therefore, it is quite simple for anyone with an excellent hearing to open your lock, even without the combination.

Additionally, with a smaller number of combinations, there are higher chances of unauthorized access. That is why we make our locks smooth, with between 4 and six combination codes. Hence, the chances of intrusion into your private space reduced considerably.

High-security Lock in Toronto

Sliding door lock

Most of the time, sliding doors tend to be a vulnerability to a home or office. This is because most of them are at the back, hence conceal the entry of any intruders. Additionally, they have simple latches that are easy to break into. Also, since most doors consist of glass, it is easy to break into and see the goods they often showcase to the thieves. Therefore, it becomes paramount to install hi-security locks in the sliding doors in the hope of keeping your home safer. To do so, you will need the services of an experienced locksmith. This is to avoid breaking the delicate door and adequately installing the locks. we commit to provide the type of lock that will suit your home and keep you safe.

All About Hi-security Locks in Toronto.

Our sliding door locks are of high security and strength. For this reason, we have earned the trust of our former clients to refer others to us. Also, all our Hi-security locks in Toronto have a warranty period, with varies from product to product. We are highly experienced in the field of hi-security locks, we can install any bolt-on any door. Also, we have a non-disclosure policy. Thus, you are sure that working with us can never be a liability. Call us today and get