Locked keys in car

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How to recover locked keys in car really fast.

If you own a car, then there is a very high chance you have had trouble with your keys at some point. It could be that you lost then on your way from that wedding, or have jammed locks. I had a not so pleasing experience dealing with keys locked in the trunk. I had just come from the mall and was retrieving some groceries from the trunk of my car. I took them all out, and absent-mindedly locked the door. It was not until the next morning when I was rushing in to take some documents to the office for a big board meeting. I could not afford to be late.

I knew I needed to find an urgent locksmith service provider. I had heard my friend talk of a company called Locksmith on Demand one time when she had issues with her ignition. I called them in, and in less than 15 minutes, I was already on the road headed to the office.

Car Lockout in Toronto
Car Lockout in Toronto

My encounter with locked keys in the car

It was on an early morning, at work when we received a distressed call from a parent. As he was preparing to take his kid to school, he ran back to the house to get his bag pack. However, on coming back, he realized that he did not have his car keys, and unfortunately, he had just lost his spare key. Imagine the anxiety and panic that he must have been going through. With the kid being claustrophobic, it was a pleasant experience, seeing the kid like that and being unable to help.  At that moment, he needed an immediate miracle to unlock the door. Lucky for him, he asked his neighbor for a recommendation for the best automotive locksmith company around. That is when he heard of Locksmith On Demand. He placed a call at our offices and being lucky; a locksmith was coming from his side of town.

Key duplication

Since we could not get the key he needed to open the car, we had to make a new key. The process was short and very accurate. This is because with the VIN from his car specifying what lock and ignition the car, has, we could easily cut the key from scratch. With our state of the art key cutting equipment, every nook and crevice was to perfection. In less than 10 minutes, we had a duplicate key for his car. We have been industry experts for quite some time now. Therefore, it was easy to get the job done with no hindrance. We then checked to see the key matched the lock, to avoid any future lock damage and once confirmed, we set him off to go to school while we headed to our offices.

Expert lock picking

More often than not, you might be in a similar situation, if not worse. Provided you own a car, then there is the risk of you locking your keys in the car. When that happens, and you do not want to duplicate a key for your car or damage your locks in the process, you could always call for a lock picking technician. We not only have the best but also authorized lock picks. Since owning the set of lock picking equipment is considered illegal, we come with the licenses to prove to you that we are there to pick your lock and not steal. With the wrench, pin, and rake, we can quickly get your door open in no time.

Besides, you would be very impressed with our services because we put as much effort to ensure that once we are through, your locks are still functional. We only send the best to you. Therefore, you can relax and know that once you have your car keys, you will be back to your normal daily activities in no time.

Locked keys in car
Help! I’ve locked my car keys

Drilling into a car lock

What happens when you try the key duplication and lock picking technique, and they both disappoint? What if you break something in the lock when you try to retrieve the keys in the lock, as you wait for a professional to arrive? If the situation is dire, then, you might have to get the locks replaced. When that is the case, then you can quickly drill the locks to open them. However, not everyone has the right tools and protective clothing or experience to operate a drill. That is why it is advisable that when you have to take extreme measures, call in an expert. We will drill the lock for you, get your car keys, and replace the lock. Call us today at Locksmith On Demand and experience the best.