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How to solve a lockout situation

More often than not, you will see people locked out of their homes, offices, cars, or warehouses.

And I was no exception.

It was on a Tuesday evening, after a long day at work.

I came home only to realize that I did not have the keys to either my front or back door.

I got so frustrated that I tried to pick the locks.

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Besides being tired, I was anxious and worried since it was dark.

I even got to the point of breaking a window and trying to reach my lock from the inside.

After doing all that, I came out futile, still locked out, with a probably damaged lock and a broken window.

That is when I realized that maybe, I should have given the professionals a chance.

I called in a group I had worked earlier with from Locksmith on Demand, and they surely did not disappoint.

Besides them being fast and reliable, I could see what they were doing.

Furthermore, the team is very engaging, and by the end of it all, I learned a lot.

How do you attend to a lockout situation?

The process of solving a lockout begins with you being calm and settled.

There is no need to break the windows to your home and hurt your hand in the process while we can get the job done in less than 10 minutes.

With slim jim sets, long reach kits and deluxe lockout kits, you can count on us to open locks on any door.

We understand that it can be hard to find the right locksmith for your lockout situation.

However, when dealing with Locksmith On Demand, you do not have to deal with this all on your own.

You can call us in to help. What do we do that is different from the others?

We will offer the solution step by step, using the safest means, and with the guarantee than once we are through, you can still use your locks securely in the future.

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If you lose your key or forget it in the car, at home or in the office, then, you are most likely going to be locked out.

However, it is quite simple to get yourself out of this situation.

If you do not have strong skills to enable you to open the door without damaging the locks, then, call a professional.

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What will an expert do to help?

Once you request for lockout solutions from Locksmith On Demand, you get to learn how to do it yourself too.

So, how do we do it differently to guarantee excellent results?

Preparation of the locks

Whenever you call in an expert from Locksmith On Demand, the first thing they do, unlike other unexperienced experts in the industry is to check the condition of the lock.

Broken locks tend to be stressful as the alignment is just not right.

Also, if the bolts have rusted parts, the next thing is to clean the rust.

Whether frozen or filled with debris, we clean the lock to remove anything that may cause damage to the lock when we finish opening it.

Collect your tools

With the top-notch lock picking kits we have, all we do is choose the ones suitable for your lock.

Racking tools, tension wrenches, and lock picks are some of the most common devices we use.

Additionally, we use a lubricant to ensure that we do not damage the locks.

With the tension wrench, we apply force to the lock, while using the lock pick to manipulate the inner configuration of the lock.

Finally, with the rake, we slide it in the lock to try and disengage the locking mechanism.

We now apply the technique to open the lock

Opening the lock is now the hardest part of all.

This is because it requires precision and concentration.

Once we lubricate the lock, we then identify the direction of the key turn.

After that, we use the wrench, lock pick, and rake to open the lock for you.

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It is important to note that lubricating the lock is vital if the process is to be smooth and straightforward.

Once we finish identifying the pins, applying pressure to disconnect them, we then find the binding pin on the lock.

Usually, this is the pin with the most resistance.

With all that done, we then twist and turn the lock to open it.

Why choose our lock picking skills?

When choosing the people to open your lock, you must see their license.

This goes to prove that we are an authorized company to pick on locks rather than using our tools for criminal activities.

We also respond to your call in the shortest time and come fully-equipped to open your lock, while ensuring not to damage it.

Call any of our branches today for a lockout solution.