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What are the different types of padlocks for a home?

Locks on any door present the barrier for anyone trying to gain entry into your home illegally. Therefore, you need to choose the type of lock you have in your home, office, warehouse, or property wisely. To do this, you will need as much information as you can get concerning the padlocks. That is what I needed when I moved my offices to a new building closer to town. Since finding the information on my own was proving to be a hard task, I decided to consult with the experts. That is when I called in at Locksmith on Demand asking for help to choose a padlock that is secure and drill resistant.

I decided to visit them at their offices in Toronto, where I was received warmly. With one of the best customer services I have ever experienced, I was attended to by a professional in less than 5 minutes. We went through a catalog of padlocks with him explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the padlocks. Besides his many years of experience, he seemed to know his way around padlocks. Therefore, it was easy for him to answer my questions.

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The various types of padlocks include:

Closed shackle padlock

A closed shackle padlock is a type of latch that is designed to expose a tiny part of the shackle. Its shackle is mainly u shaped. It runs from one end of the padlock body to the other. The keyway is at the bottom of the padlock body. The padlock’s design is such that the keyway covers most of the chain. However, this brings about the disadvantage of a reduced amount of usable space. Since the body mostly includes the shackle, the amount of space remaining to be used to close is minimal. Therefore, it is essential to check whether the type of closed shackle padlock purchased will fit into the area you want to apply it. However, the closed shackle padlock is advantageous since it makes it very difficult for bolt cutter and hacksaws from cutting through the shackle.

Straight shackle padlock

It is also known as the shutter padlock. A straight shackle padlock has a straight shackle. The shackle is straight, and it runs from one end of the padlock body to the other end of the padlock body. Mainly, the keyway of the straight shackle padlock is on the side of the padlock body. Mostly, these padlocks are common in shipping containers and roller shutter doors. One of the main advantages of using the straight shackle padlock is that it is more secure than other types of padlocks. The positioning of the shackle makes it hard to use bolt cutters and hacksaws to cut through it. Therefore, the security of your valuables is maintained.

Discus padlock

The discus padlock is also known as the circular or round shackle padlock. Initially, it was for the hasp and staple application. It has an annular body enclosing the shackle with the keyway situated right in the middle of the body. Just like the closed shackle padlock, the round shackle padlock has a minimal surface of the shackle exposed. In turn, this increases the security of the lock. The body of a round shackle lock is not reliable. The chain itself is enclosed by two circular discs places on opposite sides to form a disc. Besides, the round shackle lock is not spring-loaded, unlike traditional padlocks. Therefore, trying to open the latch by drilling the keyway will yield no results. This type of fastener is very much prevalent due to its high resistance to forceful entry.

Long shackle padlock

This type of lock has a long U-shaped shackle. The shackle is more convenient since it gives a more locking area. However, this long U-shaped shackle presents a considerable security concern. Since the majority of the restraint is exposed, it is susceptible to buglers. Hacksaws and bolt cutters can easily be used to gain access. Therefore, they are not very secure compared to the round-shaped padlocks, straight shackle padlocks, and the closed shackle padlocks.

Open shackle padlock

The open-chain padlock is the most common type of padlock used currently in the market. Their applications range from securing luggage to high security. The open shackle padlock offers a relatively more clearance compared to the closed shackle padlock. Consequently, the protection of the open shackle padlock lowers in comparison to the closed shackle padlock. For a more secure experience, an open shackle with a combinational lock is advisable. This method has better protection from drilling to gain access to your valuables.

Semi-open shackle.

This type of padlock is a compromise between the open shackle padlock and the closed shackle padlock. It offers better security than the open shackle padlock and more clearance than the closed shackle padlock