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Emergency Exit With Panic Bars, Push Bars, and Door Closers

Ever had an emergency in your office and need to exit as soon as possible?

If you have, then you understand that there is no time to look for keys.

For this reason, there is a need for a better, more convenient way of exiting the door, in the event of all the commotion and chaos. That is where the panic bars come in. Since they open by pushing, they become more efficient in an emergency. At Locksmith On Demand, we supply a wide variety of panic bars. Depending on the size of the door, the number of people anticipated to use the door and the time response required, we have got you covered. Our products are of high quality, dependable and long-lasting.

We offer the following products:

Door closer

Are you tired of people continually leaving your door open?

Do you frequently have to change the glass on the door windows because people keep banging the door?

Then, it is high time you installed a door closer to your door.

This door closer serves the purpose of closing the door after an exit or entry slowly to avoid banging.

Therefore, you never compromise the integrity of your door, and you get to have a locked door at all times.

Automatic Door
who can install Automatic Door? locksmith on demand can!

If you choose to install a door closer, do you want an adjustable latch?

What are you interested in, an exterior or interior door, a non-handed handle or a parallel arm bracket?

Do you want it installed in a commercial or residential space?

Is your door wooden or metallic?

Regardless of choice, you select, we have got it all covered.

Call us today and have a high-quality door closer installed.



Push bars in Toronto

Push bars are a type of locking mechanism that unlocks the door once you put weight on the bar.

Therefore, in the event of an emergency, where there is a need to exit a building at a fast pace, there is no twisting of the latch or using the keys.

Once you lean on the bar, it turns the latch and opens the door.

This saves you the trouble of having a broken handle to a lock, hence more secure.

At Locksmith On Demand, our push bars are state of the art.

panic bar
cheap panic bar installation

Our confidence in our products is evident in our 10-year warranty period.

Accredited and certified to supply these emergency locks by the safety boards in the state, you can rely on us to install and repair the bars.

Over and above all, all our push bars are non-handed.

This means that they are suitable for use, by both left-handed and right-handed people.

Installing Panic bars

Panic bars are standard on fire exits and emergency escape routes.

This is because they allow the rapid opening of the door, without necessarily having the keys.

Also, they only allow you to open the door from the inside, thus preventing the commotion of people at the door.

Panic bars are a necessity in all commercial buildings.

Therefore, if you need to install one or upgrade repair or replace the one in your office, we are the people to call.

push bar
push bar locksmith

If you have staff that is unfamiliar with the exit, then a panic bar should be put in place.

At Locksmith On Demand, we avail high-quality panic bars.

Regardless of the door, whether wooden or steel doors, we have the perfect panic bar for you.

Over and above all, we have highly trained experts who install the panic bars in the shortest time possible.

Install Crash bar

  • Do you need a high-quality crash bar for use in your commercial space?
  • Are you looking for a high-quality bar that can work with both timber and steel doors in your office space?
  • Do you desire to have a crash bar with a long-term performance guarantee and a more than 10-year warranty period?

If that is the case, then, our commercial locksmith has something for you.

In addition to this, we have a high-frequency collection of crash bars.

This means that the door can be used frequently with little care.

Our bars are common for outward opening emergency exit doors.

panic bar
cheap panic bar installation

However, if you need modifications done to suit your office, we can gladly do it.

Over and above all, you can use our crash bars for different door weights in both public and private buildings.

Call us today and have a crash bar put up for compliance with state laws and safety.

If you choose Locksmith On Demand, you want quality, reliable and long term products.

Call us and get the best of the best in the market.