Residential Lock Change in Toronto

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 Reliable Residential Lock Change in Toronto

Well-functioning, reliable locks give you peace of mind; ensure your family’s security and of your property.

Whenever you experience a broken key, stuck keys in your lock, misplace or lose your keys you should call us for quick helpful service.

This is because when you try to pick your lock or remove the broken key, you may end up doing more harm than good.

You may damage your lock, therefore, compromising your security or pushing the key even further.

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As a result, it will increase the cost that you will spend on locksmiths later on when you hire them.

We offer you all the locks services you need with excellent customer relationships at a reasonable price.

your security is our main priority.

Therefore, we respond swiftly when you contact us with any lock issue.

Due to our many years’ experience working with a variety of lock issues, we will fix your problem no matter what it is within a short period.

Residential Lock installation

Keep your homes safe and secure from intruders by the installation of reliable lock systems by trustworthy locksmiths.

Our clients can choose from the variety of locks and keys that we have according to their tastes and preferences.

We can advise on which locks to select.

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When it is time for a residential lock change, choose one that cannot be easily picked hence providing the much-needed security for your homes.

It is also essential to choose a suitable lock according to your door type, especially for the exterior doors.

They can install all kinds of locks traditional and modern, and still replace or repair them in case of challenges.

Our locks are reliable and robust offering resistance to intruders.

We are highly skilled to carry out the deadbolt lock installation process, ensuring no damage to the door and drilling only necessary holes.

Hiring inexperienced locksmiths result in indoor damage incurring more costs.

The lock installation process takes a few minutes after completion of drilling the door holes.


Residential Lock repair

Locks also need maintenance and regularly repairing when you experience any changes.

The lesser the time you take to report the problem to our locksmiths, the more likely that you will fix it rather than replacing it.

Most locks malfunction due to reckless handling, wear and tear, the key no longer turning your lock or burglary attempt.

In some instances, like a broken key in the lock, you should contact locksmiths immediately to avoid damaging the locks further.

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Once your locks become old and fragile, in that they become resistant, or change even slightly in the way they function, then it is time for a residential lock change.

Our professional workers use the shortest time possible to find the solution no matter the problem.

Be it breaking a key in the lock, stuck deadbolt, turning lock cylinder, door lock moving slowly, or a misaligned latch.


Locks re-key during residential lock change

We have all the necessary equipment and extensive knowledge of lock re-key services.

We are reliable and fast to respond when you contact us for a lock re-key service at your residential property.

Residential lock change is fast, convenient, cost-effective, and above all ensures privacy and safety of your property and loved ones.

This is because we will change only the internal configuration of the lock and not the lock itself.

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Therefore, different keys will be in use for the same lock.

Lock re-key is essential when you move to a new house, after a break-in, when you lose or misplace your keys or even after a long time for a change.

This process will ensure that you have better access control for your residential premise hence security.

Process of residential lock change

Residential lock change happens in several ways including, replacing the doorknob, re-keying the door lock, changing a deadbolt or better still replacing the entire lock.

Depending on your situation, our workers will advise you on the best solution to consider that will be within your budget.

The costs depend on the type of lock and whether or not you are replacing the entire lock.

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We are quick to respond more so during emergencies.

We understand that you may require instant help; hence, we act swiftly to prevent the panic.