Residential Rekey in Toronto

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Residential Lock Rekey in Toronto

Lost keys, broken keys, damaged locks, rekeying, and house lockouts are among the reasons you might need locksmith rekeying services.

If you are looking for rekeying services to trust near you, be sure to hire a legit and fully licensed company to avoid letting in burglars to your home.

With the right professional help, you can easily have your key needs sorted in the least time possible at affordable prices.

Moreover, house lockouts and lost keys require immediate attention.

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That is why you should consider hiring a company near you that offers emergency rekeying services.

Again, your house locks may be damaged requiring replacement.

For this reason, we provide duplicate key services, master keying, mailbox, and safe lockouts, house lockouts as well as lock repair and replacement services.

Residential rekey

Have you recently lost or misplaced the keys to your home?

Were your keys recently stolen or taken?

Are you in the process of purchasing a new home and aren’t sure if the seller gave you all the keys?

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In any of the scenarios, your home could be unsafe. Losing your keys, misplacing them, having them stolen is a difficult thing to handle.

That is why hiring professional locksmith services is paramount.

We change door lock cylinders, repair, replace as well as provide key duplication services for all residential applications.

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House lockout

Did you lock your keys in your house?

No matter what type of locks you use, it is not wise to think of breaking into the house.

This is because you would cause more damages than good.

For this reason, hiring emergency residential door lock services is the best solution.

Door Unlock
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House lockouts solved through rekeying saves you the risk of having your door damaged as you retrieve your keys.

Rekeying involves a safe change of the locking mechanisms within your door locks so that you can easily access your house in the least amount of time.

Our skilled technicians realign the removed cylinders so that you don’t have to replace your keys after retrieving them.


House Lock change

In some cases, if your keys are lost or stolen, the best solution is having your door lock change with new ones.

Again, if your locks are worn out, changing them is very crucial.

Changing locks ensure that any key to the previous locks is unusable on your newly changed rekeyed locks.

Lock changing doesn’t have to cost your arm or tooth, in many cases, installing new cylinders inside your existing lock handles is the best deal.

Door hardware installation
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Our mobile locksmiths are always traveling and will reach within minutes.

We change door lock cylinders or the entire lock if the old one was severely damaged.

Whatever type of lock you need to be changed, chances are we have them stocked and will replace them at competitive prices in the market.

Residential Lock repair

If your lock is not working correctly, it may not always require replacement.

Repairing your locks cut down the budget you would have used to change the entire locks.

Locks stop working for various reasons such as extreme weather conditions, stuck keys, broken doors, among others.

If you have a malfunctioning door lock at home, don’t wait for too long.

Types of locks to install
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Having loose locks exposes your home to security breaches.

That is why we offer emergency lock repairs to restore your home security as soon as possible.

We take your home’s security very seriously, therefore offering 24/7 lock repair services at unbeatable prices.

Key replacement in Toronto

If your residential key was lost or stolen, or you need an extra spare key, replacing or duplicating your keys is the way to go.

Losing your keys is already frustrating; therefore you need emergency locksmith services to gain access to your home within the least time possible.

We offer key replacement and duplication services as a mobile service since our vans are equipped with everything needed to cut new keys on spot.

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We replace every type of key used in the market today at cost-effective prices.

No matter the type of key you need, we have the blanks ready to be cut.

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