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Door locks play a major role in ensuring the safety of your family, business, car, and property. This became clear to me when I got interested in changing the locks in my home. I had recently moved in and was feeling quite disturbed with the old locks on the doors and windows. It is then I got to research the several types of door locks there are in the market. I came to learn a lot about locks. Besides them being of different sizes, they are also of varying security level, cost, ease of installation and structures. Depending on where you want to install the lock, whether in your home or office, then you might find this information helpful. Over and above all, I found a good locksmith company that supplies all the different locks, which include:

Night latches

This type of lock operates by a knob on the inside and a key on the outside. The night latch lock comes in two forms; the standard night laches and the deadlocking night latches. Choose which of the two depends on your purpose or preference as an individual. The deadlocking night latches lock automatically as soon as the door closes. Therefore, once closed; one can only open the door using a key

Mortice locks

Mortise locks are perhaps the most common type of locks in the market. This kind of lock requires a key to both open and lock it. More often than not, commercial buildings and residential homes use these locks due to their added security. The lock consists of a non-locking latch that is operated by the door handle. Also, it has a locking latch that opens and closes by a key. Regardless of your location, you will need a key to open the mortise lock.

Residential Lock Change tornoto

Multi-point locking systems

Whenever you enter a modern residential house, you will most probably find a multi-point locking system. At the turn of a key, multiple latches at different points on the door lock and unlock. They can be operated both on the inside and outside. This type of clasp is very secure

Cylindrical locks

The cylindrical lock is quite advantageous when it comes to rekeying. The locksmith needs to unscrew the tubular bolt. This types of locks employ the pin tumbler locking system. The locks use pins of different sizes to prevent access from persons with the wrong key while allowing access to the one with the correct one. However, these types of locks are vulnerable to lock picking, lock snapping, and drilling.

Sliding patio doors locks

These locks are suitable for sliding patio doors. The sliding patio doors are suitable investments since they allow sunlight into your house or office. If you need an expert to handle the locks, then call the company ABC. We take great caution to ensure we leave no crack on your glass patio door.


A padlock is a portable lock with a U-shaped shackle. The lock only operates with the correct key. Therefore, when you insert the matching key, the chains spring on one or both sides to open the lock.  Padlocks come in a wide range. A closed shackle padlock is a type of fastener designed to expose a tiny part of the shackle. The main advantage of this is that it makes it very difficult for bolt cutter and hacksaws from cutting through the chain. Also, there is a straight shackle padlock that has a straight shackle. It is also known as the shutter padlock. The discus padlock, also known as the circular or round shackle padlock has an annular body enclosing the shackle. It has the keyway situated right in the middle of the body. This type of lock is very much prevalent due to its high resistance to forceful entry. The other kind of padlock is the long shackle padlock that has u shaped shackle. The long U-shaped chain is more convenient since it gives a more locking area.

deadbolt lock for home


This types of locks are standard for complimentary purposes. The deadbolt locks in position and only moves when the right key is in place. Thus, it is more resistant to entry without the correct key. Common types of the deadbolt include the single cylinder and the double cylinder. A single cylinder deadlock will only accept a key on one side, and on the other end, a knob. A double cylinder deadlock uses a key on both ends of the lock and therefore do not require the twisting knob.

Cam locks

This type of lock his used in cabinet construction. It enables the cabinet door to maintain its appearance while locking it in place to prevent entry.

Interchangeable locks

These type of clasp is used in places where rekeying takes place frequently. It allows for easy removal of the core, without having to take the whole lock apart